Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore

Cyber threats and attacks used to be about fame, politics, boredom and personal challenge. Now, it’s about ROI. Criminals have evolved and become more strategic – advanced persistent threats (APTs) are here and antivirus protection and traditional firewall port security are no longer enough. Criminals using APTs want data, so the more valuable an organization's...
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Tips on moving your business to the cloud!

Many clients ask us about the benefits and steps required to move their business’ network infrastructure to the cloud. Following are five steps we use to help you optimize your return-on-investment.

1.     Create a 3- to 5-year business plan outlining the necessary investments and benefits of moving your computer network to a cloud service

2.     Perform a Cloud Readiness...

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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

BYOD (Bring your own device) is an emerging trend in today’s workplace. Allowing employees the freedom to choose the devices they want to use to consume and interact with information goes a long way in boosting productivity, cost savings and morale. However, it’s not without its challenges. One of the big challenges is controlling...
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Increasing Spam/Malware Mischief

As you have probably seen, there has been an increase in the attempts of spammers to entice you and your staff into downloading malicious files. This has come across most recently as emails from financial institutions, payroll providers, and other businesses asking you to download a file from Dropbox. These legitimate businesses would not deliver...
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Security survey enlightening … and frightening

Survey says? A recent survey of 4,275 global IT security pros was both enlightening ... and frightening. Consider the findings of the survey: 57 percent: Felt their organizations were unprotected from sophisticated cyberattacks. 63 percent: Doubted they could stop the exfiltration of confidential information from their systems. 69 percent: Said cyberthreats were falling through the cracks in their systems. 44 percent:...
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Windows XP not ‘dead’ yet; Microsoft makes exception with emergency update for IE

Microsoft earlier this month provided an emergency security update for Internet Explorer to prevent hackers from continuing to do their dirty work. But that wasn't the big news. In a surprise move, Microsoft allowed Windows XP machines to receive the update, even though Microsoft had indicated in April it considered the 13-year-old operating system retired. "Even though Windows...
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Hackers targeting a newly discovered flaw in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Hackers around the globe are already exploiting this new flaw, affecting the popular Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11. The flaw relies on a well-known flash exploitation used to bypass Windows security protection. Once the hacker is in, they can install malicious software without your knowledge. Microsoft is currently investigating this flaw and we would...
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Check out Protelligent’s New Website

Protelligent has launched its new website,, premiering new user-friendly features, streamlined content, and a more accessible format for all. "Protelligent's new website is designed with customers' needs in mind," said CEO Christopher George. "Customers can access a remote support feature directly from the website that ensures rapid response and issue remediation...
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Is your technology environment protected?

You need to evaluate your business’ security posture, and make informed, balanced decisions about protecting yourself from threats to your business. Reduce your risk and achieve Zen for your business with the following safeguards:
  1. Secure all entry and exit areas of your organization's critical data. Border security is top priority.
  2. Actively monitor the traffic passing through your data...
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