What is a vCIO?

The virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) will provide technology vision and leadership in the development and implementation of the affiliate-wide information technology (IT) program. The vCIO will lead the Client organization in planning and implementing enterprise information systems to support both distributed and centralized business operations and achieve more effective and cost beneficial enterprise-wide IT…
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Assessments: Billable? Necessary? All the Same?

Lots of vendors in this space give away assessments yet Protelligent charges for them. Why? We’re not saying our way is the only way, we just feel we’re both better served doing it this way. What is an assessment? “The act of making a judgment about something.” Merriam-Webster. “The act of judging or deciding the…
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You’ve Virtualized Your Servers, Why not Your CIO?

As noted in our article on enterprise grade IT support, the typical organization cannot afford the six figure plus cost of a Chief Information Officer. Which is unfortunate because its this resource that understands how to show the financial returns of IT investment. Its this resource that sits at the CEO roundtables, helping set strategic…
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Protelligent talks about “Enterprise Grade” IT support

Protelligent talks about making available “Enterprise grade” IT support to the SMB space as if it’s some big deal…what is Enterprise grade? An enterprise is a very large business…think Fortune 500, an organization which often has tens of thousands of employees.  At this scale, the firm can justify the cost of a robust IT team,…
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Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore

Cyber threats and attacks used to be about fame, politics, boredom and personal challenge. Now, it’s about ROI. Criminals have evolved and become more strategic – advanced persistent threats (APTs) are here and antivirus protection and traditional firewall port security are no longer enough. Criminals using APTs want data, so the more valuable an organization's…
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Tips on moving your business to the cloud!

Many clients ask us about the benefits and steps required to move their business’ network infrastructure to the cloud. Following are five steps we use to help you optimize your return-on-investment. 1.     Create a 3- to 5-year business plan outlining the necessary investments and benefits of moving your computer network to a cloud service 2.     Perform a…
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