Cloud Backup


Recovery made easy through expert, managed data protection.

Backups don’t matter. No really, backups are not important. What is important is recovery. Most organizations become complacent because they have a backup solution in place, and unaware they are vulnerable to slow and incomplete recovery of critical data. Your backup does not matter if you cannot recover 100% of your data in the event of a disaster.

Protelligent’s CloudDR provides true business continuity. No matter what the disaster, from a deleted file to an office fire, CloudDR ensures that your organization will be back to work with zero data loss as efficiently as possible. Local backups allow for rapid restore of data. Offsite replication ensures recovery in the case of local unavailability. Cloud restoration ensures that your organization can get back to business even if your local servers are gone.

Our IT backup experts manage the entire data lifecycle, leaving you to focus on what matters – getting your organization back to work.


Cloud DR Data Backup and Encrypted Data Replication

Your business data encrypted and backed up to your on-premises CloudDR server. Encrypted backup replicated to Protelligent’s out-of-region secure, private cloud.


Rapid Local Restore

Rapid local restore of data from the on-premise CloudDR server by Protelligent systems engineers or your IT staff.


Encrypted Data Restore

Reliable data restore from the Protelligent secure, private cloud back to your premises or anywhere with an internet connection.


Protelligent Secure Private Cloud

Advanced disaster recovery and business continuity in the event of local disaster (fire, flood, theft, etc.). Staff access data and applications directly from Protelligent’s secure, private cloud allowing your organization to get back to business.


Local Backup and Restore 

  • A complete, encrypted backup of your systems and data reside at your premises. This ensures rapid recovery in the event of data loss.

Offsite Replication and Recovery

  • The complete, encrypted backup stored at your premises is replicated to Protelligent’s secure data centers. This ensures data recovery anywhere there is Internet connectivity, in case local recovery is not an option.

Cloud Restoration for Business Continuity

  • In the event of a major disaster (i.e. fire, flood, theft) your entire environment will be restored to Protelligent’s secure, private cloud, allowing staff to quickly get back to work with zero loss of business data.

High-Performance Backup

  • Cross-platform, high-performance backup and recovery solution with broad operating system and virtual server platform support. Encrypted, deduplicated data transport optimized for offsite WAN replication

Bare Metal Recoveries

  • Cost-effective and rapid disaster recovery to similar & dissimilar hardware. Supports P2V, V2V for VMware, Hyper-V based VMs for virtual recovery.

Built-in Offsite Backup & Replication

  • Replicate multiple point-in-time backups to Protelligent’s secure cloud for offsite backup and business continuity purposes

Built-in Virtual Platform support

  • Supports all virtual platforms including Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle Virtual Box, VMware VSphere and ESX, ESXi

Backup Verification

  • Virtually recover your data as a virtual hard disk or VM to verify the ability to recover 100% from a disaster

Granular Recovery

  • Restore an entire server,  a few applications, or a single email message, file, or database

Broad Platform Support

  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD

Enhanced Security

  • On-the-fly encryption of data (in transit and at rest)
  • Blowfish and triple DES encryption algorithms
  • Up to 448-bit military level encryption


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